Our Craft

Made by hand to fit each body perfectly, INTENSIFY & ME lingerie is crafted by skilled seamstresses in Brazil. Their expertise and passion are combined with attention to every last detail. It offers immediate sensory feedback and guarantee an exclusive experience when it comes to style and feel.⁠⁠ This is part of why our lingerie lasts a lifetime.

Artisan Labor

An artisan seamstress is responsible for the entire production cycle of a piece. In other words, she starts and finishes the piece, carrying out the cutting, sewing, and finishing process. It gives the seamstress skill, developing expertise in the process, and dignifies her work, making it less repetitive.

It enables us to develop stable partnerships, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect.

We strongly support for the valorization of labor in the fashion industry. Our production takes time and is done in small scale. There is lots of love in everything we do. Wearing an INTENSIFY & ME piece is a guarantee of exclusivity and quality.