The Backstory

 INTENSIFY & ME was born in Brazil with a simple and straightforward proposal: to enhance the strongest of the female essence through underwear. Escaping from rigid structure that harm women’s comfort or transform their shapes.

Inspiration comes from classics such as lace petticoats, silk combinations, cotton shorts, unstructured bras, and high-waisted panties. All combined to the newest technologies resulting in a design that marries functionality with aesthetic beauty.

We intent to be women's best friend and participate in their achievements bringing empowerment to their daily lives.

The brand was created by Priscila Gomide, entrepreneur, and creator of the Middlewear® concept. She is responsible for developing all INTENSIFY & ME collections, from first drafts through prototyping to campaigns.

Until 2013 Priscila had a brand called Gomide, where she created, among other things, linen, and silk combinations. It was when she identified lack of different and interesting lingerie on the market. A lingerie designed to show off, protect the woman and make her comfortable and self-assured. Thus, the idea for INTENSIFY & ME was born.

INTENSIFY & ME has been in the Brazilian market for 10 years, producing handcrafted pieces on a small scale, guaranteeing exclusivity for those who wear it and empowering women even if no one else is seeing it!