About Me

My name is Carina, I am a passionate person and passionate about people. For almost two decades I worked in healthcare and loved working in teams and helping people. I lived in different countries, embracing the opportunity to expand my horizons thought culture. 

In 2018 a mother was born and with it a women identity transition started. The COVID-19 pandemic came just after, and its challenges encouraged me to disrupt my own life by taking a sabbatical leave. Taking a break from work allowed me to recharge mentally and physically. And spending consecutive months in Brazil with my daughter, after living abroad for over a decade, gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my home country and appreciate the warmest people in the world.

I’ve come across Intensify.me while in Sao Paulo and fell in love with it. Interestingly, that happened just after I stopped my 3.5 years breastfeeding journey which got me fed up with nursing bras and its pairing ugly pants. Intensify.me had so many exquisite pieces of lingerie that I bought some to try. Wearing them was a sensual experience.

Since then, I returned to the shop a few times and filled my luggage bound to Europe with lace petticoats, briefs, unstructured bras, and bodysuits. For two years I’ve been embraced by Intensify.me lingerie. 

I was amazed by how lingerie sets can make you feel confident, sensual, and empowered. And started thinking about how to contribute to a world where women can be whomever they want, free to express themselves and their bodies.

Late 2023 I partnered with Priscila Gomide, Intensify.me designed and founder, and brought INTENSIFY & ME to Europe. 

I hope my history inspires you to embrace your journey, celebrate your individuality, and choose lingerie that uplifts you!